Pest Control – Bees

Bees are usually found earlier in the spring/summer.

Honey Bees are often found in swarms in trees and bushes. If it is a large swarm a bee keeper would have to be contacted.

Treatment Method:
Honey Bees can be treated if found in a brick wall or soffix and then the hole has to be blocked by some means as if not they can harm other bee colonies.

Bumble Bees/Masonry Bees are often found in the ground or in a wall, and the nests are often hard to locate.

Treatment Method:
Bumble Bees/Masonry Bees can be smoked out with a powder if the nest is in an area where it cannot be seen. If a nest can be seen e.g. accessible loft space we can use a nest destroyer that kills the nest dead within 5-10 minutes. The nest can sometimes be removed if its not too large or we can come back and remove the for a small fee. However, sometimes more than one treatment is required due to the size of the nest and the fact bees can burrow deep into the ground.