Pest Control – Wasps

Wasps are a very common nuisance ound mainly in the summer months when foraging for sweet food and liquids. Their sting can be painful, which can cause an intense allergic reaction in some people. In rare cases this can lead to anaphylactic shock, and possibly death.

Wasps nests can become quite large and are often found in roof spaces, fascia boards and out in the garden in bushes and hedges. The workers collect wood and build a new nest every spring, which can lead to wasps damaging the wooden fabric of buildings, fences and even garden furniture.

Different types of species include – Common wasp, German wasp, Tree wasp, Cuckoo wasp and Hornet. The Hornet is the largest of the wasps but is relatively uncommon.

If you are stung by a wasp the stings can be treated with a cold compress and antihistamine creams applied within 20 minutes of stinging.

Treatment Method:

Wasps can be smoked out with a powder if the nest is in an area where it cannot be seen. If a nest can be seen e.g. accessible loft space we can use a nest destroyer that kills the nest dead within 5-10 minutes. The nest can sometimes be removed if its not too large or we can come back and remove the for a small fee. However, sometimes more than one treatment is required due to the size of the nest and the fact bees can burrow deep into the ground.