Pest Control – Flies

There Are many different types of fly, and they be identified by slight differences in colouring and size.

The House Flies is the carriers of many diseases, such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery. They also transmit intestinal worms or worm eggs into food stuffs.

The Common House Fly is found everywhere. They are active all year round, but peak breeding periods tend to be in the spring and summer months.

Bluebottles are usually associated with a dead animal, and cluster flies are found in loft spaces in the late summer.

Treatment Methods:

Can be treated by means of an insecticide spray on windows or loft spaces/fly control units.
Cluster Flies – Are often found in the early autumn in loft spaces and windows on sunny days, these can be treated with spraying insecticide to the windows and fumigating the loft spaces.